The Sign for Scriba North Farm- part 1

Scriba North Farm Sign

A couple of weeks ago, I (Amanda) got a message from my parents saying that they were going to stop by. Matt and I could have never imagined the gift they would give us.

Growing up, I remember a beautiful Scriba North Farm sign out in front of the house sitting at the top of a tall pole, surrounded by lights. When we first saw the home, the sign was missing (although the pole and lights still remained). Matt and I were bummed, but thought it had just been lost to time.

That was until my mom saw a post in a local Facebook group— one of our neighbors had and was looking to sell the Scriba North Farm sign! My parents jumped at the chance to return it to its rightful home.

So when I peeked out and saw my dad pulling it out of the back of his vehicle I screamed for Matt (who might have thought something was wrong— oops) and he came out to a huge surprise.

I wish I could have captured the joy and excitement on Matt’s face at seeing this sign again. It made both of our days! The sheer size of the sign was enough to wow us (you really don’t realize how large signs are sometimes).

While the Scriba North Farm sign is weathered and does have some damage, we are so happy and grateful to have it back home!

Our goals:

1. To preserve what is there.

We love the weathered look of the sign and since it’s what I remember from childhood, we plan to preserve the original Scriba North Farm sign. After we come up with a solution, it will hang in a place of honor inside our home!

2. Come up with a new logo for the top of the sign.

Before we owned this beautiful home and property, it was a horse farm. While we want to honor that, we also want to pay homage to what this farm originally was (an apple and pear orchard) and what we intend to bring it back to.

3. Create a new sign to hang on the post out front.

With the same font, colors, and most of the same design (the new logo being the only difference). We want to have a sign created that shows the new vision for Scriba North Farm— going back to its apple/fruit orchard roots.

4. Share this journey here on the Scriba North Farm site!

Follow along for our journey in preserving and recreating this beautiful sign to hang out front once more.

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