Year 1- Starting The Orchard at Scriba North Farm- 2023

Year 1- Starting The Orchard at Scriba North Farm- 2023

Having an apple and fruit orchard has been a dream of ours for years now. One of the reasons we fell in love with this property was the land— we could finally plant our apple trees!

What we didn’t yet know was that the original owners had an apple and pear orchard. And that some really old fruit trees were still on the property.

In April of 2023, we purchased our first apple trees and planted them in the corner field, starting our orchard.

These first six trees (Fuji, Yellow Delicious, and Harrelson apples) were soon joined by two Honey Crisps and two different kinds of nectarines.

A 4 in 1 apple tree was planted in the front yard and a peach tree in the side yard. Soon there were buds on some of the trees and pollinators helped us to get some beautiful Honey Crisp apples in our first year of the orchard!

While we lost a couple of the trees we planted this year (a late May frost may have had something to do with that), it was a successful first year for our orchard at Scriba North Farm.

What types of fruit or apples do you think we should add next year?

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