Oct. 31- Nov. 1, 2023 -Autumn Views on the Farm

Oct. 31- Nov. 1, 2023 -Autumn Views on the Farm

Winter is rapidly approaching here at Scriba North Farm, and we took the opportunity yesterday (10/31) to ready our home for the colder months. In the meantime, Matt was able to snap some magical pictures of autumn leaves and colors from our roof.

The yellows, oranges, and reds were striking against the moody October sky. From up there, he could see all around the property, from the barn to the back field, and decided to take a break to take in the stunning views.

panoramic view from the roof of our home

We woke up this morning (November 1) to quite a different view outside our window. Overnight, we got our first snowfall of the year. While it may not have stuck to the ground in the City of Oswego, it did here. We were very glad to have gotten so much outside work done the day before, that’s for sure! It would have been quite cold and wet putting away our summer season decorations and outdoor furniture in this.

First snowfall of 2023 at Scriba North Farm- Front of house

What a difference one day makes, huh?

Luckily for Wilfie, he loves the snow and took the opportunity to get some snowy playtime in this morning as the snow was falling from the sky. Mila, doesn’t like it so much and passed on the chance for a romp through the orchard field.

First snowfall at Scriba North Farm- Wilfie playing in the snow
Wilfie loving the snow-November 1, 2023

We hope that you’re staying warm and that the 31st wasn’t the last we saw of green grass and sunshine!

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