Happy New Year 2024 from Scriba North Farm!

Happy New Year 2024

2023 was a busy year for us here at Scriba North Farm.  Matt and I ended it in the best way possible. On December 30, 2023, we welcomed the newest member, our first son, to our family. Little guy couldn’t wait until 2024 to meet everyone. He’s absolutely perfect and we’re so excited to raise him here in our home and at the orchard.

As for the new year, we have some cool projects we are really looking forward to sharing with you in 2024.

1. Room renovations and makeovers!

In preparation for our son’s birth, we’ve given a couple of rooms in our house a makeover! There is more work to be done, but we are excited to share every step of the way with you all. So stay tuned! Blog posts to come.

2. Expanding the Orchard

While we planted our first fruit trees in 2023, more trees, fruits, vegetable, and flower gardens are in the works. Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies and is incredibly therapeutic so I’m thrilled to put a vegetable garden in (I haven’t had a proper one since before Covid) and grow our own fruits, veggies, and flowers this coming year from seed!

3. Learning the House’s History

We started this in 2023, but are going to continue in the new year. I will be doing a lot of research in the coming months.

4. Designing a new logo and sign for the farm.

My parents found and returned the Scriba North Farm sign to us in September 2023 and we are so excited to preserve the old one and make the logo our own for a brand new sign.

And there’s even more coming! Matt and I hope that you had a beautiful holiday season and wish you the happiest New Year.


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