A Snowy Morning at Scriba North Farm

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It finally feels like winter in Central New York. This past week we have seen nothing but snow here at Scriba North Farm. While it’s been cold and snowy, we’ve been hunkered down inside for the most part. Sunday morning, I bundled up and ventured out to admire nature and the beauty around me.

One of my favorite things about winter is the way snow falls on trees. How it clings to and lines tree branches. The pine trees on the property were absolutely stunning in all of the snow. The way the green of the needles popped against the clean white snow just captured my eye and inspired me to wander around and take more photos.

Right– One of our big maple trees lined with snow. It’s amazing how snow clings to even the smallest and thinnest branches.

Left– Foot and paw prints leading out to the orchard field. One of our dogs absolutely loves the snow and will run in circles on his leash through it. The other dog, not so much– unless there is a bunny to chase or it’s a nicer day outside.

Snowy Morning- Snow on Fence

Farm fences always look so pretty in the snow, whether it is a split-rail fence or a stone one. There is just something about living here that makes every season so beautiful and magic.

I was only out and about for around ten minutes but it was so cold that I ran back indoors to warm up.

All of us here at Scriba North Farm hope that wherever you’re reading from that you are staying warm and cozy. Winter is far from over for us, so you may see more pretty snow photos in the future.

Tell us, how is this winter treating you so far?

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